Railroad and Transportation Paper and Ephemera: A through L --Part 2 of 2

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D&RG Wonderland Reached by the Rio Grande (1922).
Oversized stringed viewbook containing 39 full-page b/w photographs of scenes in Colorado and Utah. 40 pages, 10.25" by 13.75", 1922, excellent.


D&RGW Rocky Mountain Views on the Rio Grande.
Viewbook with 20 full page color illustrations of trackside, tunnel portals, and sights.
Descriptions are included. Published by the Interstate Company, Chicago. 22 pages, 1946, excellent, 9.75" by 11.75".

Fred Harvey "Doing the Grand Canyon"

Fred Harvey published this tongue-in-cheek booklet by John T. McCutheon concerning touring the Grand Canyon. Illustrated with cartoons by the author. 20 pages, 4.75" by 7", 1922, excellent, $35

Fred Harvey El Tovar Souvenir photo and folder.
Opens to 8" by 14", three-color printing on card stock. 4" by 6" b/w photo of 1920s era elegantly-dressed couple at the rim of the Grand Canyon at Maricopa Point. Excellent.


Fred Story of the Grand Canyon: How it was Made.
Fred Harvey published book of N.H. Darton's 1917 layman's geologic description of how the Grand Canyon was formed. 80 pages, 5.5" by 7.75", 20th edition, excellent.

GN Great Northern Diesel EMD roster photo card.
3" by 7.5" card stock with color rendering of GN engine 500. Specifications on rear of card. Excellent.

Glacier National Park.

Pictorial album containing 16 full-page Hileman images of Glacier Park. Color images include: Grinnell Glacier, Waterton Lake, Two Medicine Lake, Going-to-the-Sun Mountain, Lake St. Marys and Josephine Lake. 8" by 10" images perfect for framing, cover very good (partially detached from inside images), inside images excellent, $14

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