is people just like you, who give every month. we've had, you know, lots of attorneys involved in drafting this legislation. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. plus republican congressman jarj santos even more scrutiny tonight over a mysterious $700,000 contribution to his campaign concerns about how, where it was spent and where did it go. but some russians are now risking their own safety and they're speaking out to cnn, and you're going to see them and hear them first here out front next. but the words lived on. >> reporter: republican supervisor jennifer desanta endorsed santos and trusted him. >> so what do the voters who ele elected santos actually think? >> i should say he has been been charged with embezzlement in brazil, so he has been accused, so even that doesn't add up. that's why i do what i do. i've missed you. so we e bought this spiffy stock footage for $500. During her tenure at CNBC/NBC News, Burnett broadcast from Cairo during the Egyptian revolution and from Nigeria after the attempted terror bombing of a Detroit-bound jet. did. >> they -- merrick garland almost had no choice but to appoint a special counsel in the sense he has a former president who's being investigated in a documents case. and your marriage survived that? Full coverag. Retired Air Force Col. Cedric Leighton weighs in on the battle for Soledar and Putin's perspective amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. >> well, i think it makes it slightly more difficult for them and so arguably less likely only because, you know, one of the things that the justice department has to guard against is, you know, an effective assertion of the special prosecution doctrine. million verified professionals across 35 million companies. what you're looking at is what appears to be a group of russian soldiers walking along the street in soledar towards that. here's his response. i can say this, appointing a special counsel is the right thing to do. Similar Profiles, Visitor Operations Assistant, Office of Admission @, Editorial Intern, Office of Communications @. plus, revealing new messages reportedly from the suspect in the idaho stabbing deaths talking about suffering from a rare neurological conditions. and that's why i am here. as we learn more about what was in them. i appreciate your time, jim. just hearing that she had cancer, it breaks you. According to property records, Erin Burnett lives in an apartment on Broadway in New York City, New York. >> well, you heard george santos say that he's been honest his whole life. TOPIC FREQUENCY Biden 14 , China 11 , Putin 10 , Us 10 , Russia 9 , Ukraine 6 , U.s. 5 , Cnn 5 , Unitedhealthcare 4 , Lisa Marie 4 , United States 3 , Lisa 3 , Kremlin 3 , Fisher Investments 3 , Uk 3 , St. Jude 3 , Idaho 3 , America 3 , Ben 3 , Wagner 3 Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. Erin Burnett stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative. you put it on airplane mode when you pass our house. see the video of her on tik tok being helped down the stairs. do you think he's a good pick for this role? ben wedeman is "outfront." you may be surprised, but my hero is you. TV Archive here he is. he openly called for the use of assassins. oh i can't hear you you're froze-- ladies, please! >> calling for his immediate resignation. because it comes as exclusive cnn reporting reveals that the documents included, u.s. intelligence memos, briefing materials involving ukraine, iran, and the uk, briefing memos for calls with former british and polish prime ministers, and. we need to understand why trump has them. once he got the recommendation, he made it very, very quickly including before he traveled to mexico, by the way, with president biden. i know you believe that ukraine is going to be able to liberate crimea, which of course has been under russian control since 2014, and frankly prior to putin's invasion almost a year ago, it seemed ukraine had kind of given up on. his fabrications were outrageous, and i'm not going to deal with somebody that i can't trust. . zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. If you need more lookups, subscriptions start at $39 USD/month. evidence if they want to indict trump on everything with the mar-a-lago documents. He has no idea why, Retired US general calls Putin's battlefield change a 'bizarre move', War game projects worst-case scenario for US in a war with China over Taiwan, Hear why congressman changed his mind about voting for McCarthy, Chalian: McCarthy showing he doesn't have the credentials to lead, Rep. Kevin McCarthy: No deal yet, but progress being made, Video: Hamlin's uncle describes moment family saw him collapse onto the field, 'He comes from here': McCarthy constituents speak out as he battles for speakership, Jeremy Renner requires second surgery following snow plowing accident, Subscribe to the OutFront audio podcast on iTunes, Pivotal 'Titanic' scene reenacted to disprove theory about the film, See huge former NBA player win small car on game show, Driver shocks police officer with backflip during DWI test, Beers, binoculars, babies: The wackiest moments from the House speaker fiasco, 'I couldn't believe me eyes': Homeowner spots two-legged fox, Rare bird sighting has Californians flocking, See what 'Mistress' demanded at public meeting, Tom Cruise one-ups himself with new daring stunt, Mariah Carey keeps singing after $800 dress becomes 'untethered', Watch golden retriever trigger a fire alarm at her doggie daycare, 'Totally uninhibited' dancing guest conductor goes viral, Bear goes on killing spree after finding cocaine in viral film trailer. so i called the barnes firm. so when you look at that and you see so much death, one explosion, 25 lives lost, why is soledar so important to putin? A courageous and unconventional nightly news program. they're all liars. At that time, CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront" had just launched, giving the news anchor several reasons to celebrate. i was hopeful there would be some explanation, but there was none. that's certainly not the same as the criticisms of the trump administration which was on a different level when it came to press. nearly 200,000 people are also without power in alabama, georgia, and tennessee, as the story develops tonight. obviously he'd already appointed a special counsel jack smith to investigate donald trump and his handling of classified material. it could be they didn't want to step on doj because they wanted an internal investigation to play out. [ marlo thomas ] please call or go online right now and become a st. jude partner in hope. In front of the headlines. Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). >> why are you fooling around? Erin Burnett OutFront airs weeknights at 7 p.m. we don't know where his money came from. out front now retired lieutenant army general ben hodges. Christo Grozev, Lead Russia investigator for Bellingcat, says he and his lawyers have not been able to get an answer from Russian authorities on why he's been placed on Russia's most-wanted list. >> uh-huh. you don't want a job. and the russian army got the permission to withdraw him from kherson, only promising some sort of success, some victory. we have been suppressed like this. and if the law of the land here in illinois is in place, these weapons have been banned, you can't purchase one, you can't sell one in this state right now. yellen saying extraordinary measures will need to be taken. when aspen dental told me that my dentures were ready, i was so excited. liberty liberty liberty liberty how many people at least have been infected with covid in china according to peking university. rob has all the talent and skills and experience that you would want to look for in somebody for this assignment. that's the death they are enduring there. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports that while Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine is heating up, it's getting a frosty reception from many Russians in Moscow. mckenzie: eliza is diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma at four months. this is really interesting reporting from our team. at least with your big-name wireless carrier. i felt no emotion. >> well, america is a very compassionate and forgiving country, and there is a road back for george santos. yeah! they called for an end to zero covid and kyriexi jinping's rul. they are preparing to leave the office and it was only actually less than five years after it was opened. there are only two roads that lead into crimea. these were all mass shootings using either a switch or an ar-15-style weapon. smoke was set off to craw draw attention. they have fought for though is a hamlet and they have sacrificed untold lives. Erin Burnett OutFront - Weekdays 7 P.M. what questions do you have now based on this? only from sleep number. i think, you know, the problem is that no matter what people want, this shouldn't be a fast result because you have to look into who else had access. we gotta go again. he even lied about being an a championship volleyball team. how do you even square that circle? look, i understand you've got to start somewhere, and you're very proud about where you are. you know, you heard fred there the woman at the end, i'll let the president do the thinking for us. ERIN BURNETT, CNN HOST: OUTFRONT next, 40 feet. closets, storage spaces, they were scattered throughout this area. qulipta is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. New York Times reporter Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs scoured through Idaho killings suspect Bryan Kohberger's past internet posts. CNN's Erin Burnett and Paula Reid discuss. i dealt with him frequently or several times i guess when he and rod rosenstein were together at the justice department, and, rod was rob's assistant and then he was the u.s. attorney in maryland. you know, why me? and in some of these cases, some of those documents, the sounds of them, they're more innocuous, they're not as significant. >> it's shocking. and to our viewers, thanks very much for watching. Net worth: $20 million (reported) Erin Burnett is a CNN anchor who has been hosting Erin Burnett OutFront since 2011. the attorney general naming a special counsel and the question tonight for biden is why are, americans only finding out about this now? you are the only people that can bring me out of my house. here's the thing, we're just learning about all this this week, and that is by choice and design. and we are truly saving lives. it's a smart hearing solution that makes hearing aids more convenient and less expensive. you're keeping families together during the hardest thing they've ever faced. so why are people investing in, it? so, andre, in this context, i want to ask you about your, reporting. if anything is found to be wrong, he'll be held accountable. i'm not going to get into the decisions that was made by the attorney general, and i'm not going to go beyond the lawyers say. ed these documents? it's, like you said, it's static in your vision like an old television. all of this is made possible because of heroes like you. new details on the first batch of obama era classified documents which were found back in november, but only acknowledged on monday. so kevin mccarthy, though, has been backing him not at all publicly saying what you're saying. Plus, inside the dramatic blow-up between Trump and Pence on January 6th, and the insults Trump hurled . biden today had this to say about handling the classified documents properly oddly saying. but they walk in, and then it's targeted by the ukrainians. to determine if it's willful, we don't have that evidence right now. >> translator: we have a, president. this after he said why are you fooling around. How to send your fan mail and autograph requests to Erin Burnett? Rep. Kevin McCarthy tells reporters that he does not want to have another vote on the House speakership tonight, and indicated there is progress towards a deal being made. russia zeroing in on one small, town already claiming victory. i haven't focused on all the details. how much does what's in the documents themselves matter? and, nick, i know that you identified and have now read through hundreds of messages from about a decade of time that you say were written by kohberger. she's been with him through the. they'd then take an elevator up to the center offices. and, colonel, this desperate need for any kind of a victory, even though it isn't even a victory at all, is what we heard from putin today. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. is there anything you can tell us about this visual snow condition? >> let's play this moment when president biden said i want to tell you everything but i'm waiting to do it with a baited breath because of the corvette. when visitors entered the building, they would check in with a front desk staff. obviously, you know, when these folks lose at the ballot box and they lose in the general assembly they decide they've got to go to court in order to see if they can get it overturned. Designed to showcase Erin's unique style--casual, smart, and confident--OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative. you'd vote for george santos. Erin Burnett breaks it down in tonight's Number. >> hi, lisa. and when you leave search, duckduckgo helps keep companies from watching you as you brows. >> and you're now reportedly facing push back for at least 40 sheriffs in the state. duckduckgo, privacy simplified. as a dad, i'm eternally grateful. america's debt has doubled since i said those words. it sounds ominous, and it is. so basically, it's an age and a gender thing. That achievement . it's so pathetic. mhm. the garage is also where his prized corvette seen here in a 2020 campaign ad were stored. three of the closets closest to his office are highlighted in yellow. who go online to right now. life doesn't stop for diabetes. trump had 200. biden's attorneys found them, handed them over immediately, notified the archives. but this comes at the same time that house republicans and republicans are certainly making a lot of hay of this. from there, you can fine tune your settings with your remote audiology team seven days a week, so your hearing aids work when it matters most. and given that it's taken so long for the russians to take a town that had a prewar population of just 10,000 speaks volumes about their ability in the field, and also the resistance of ukrainian forces. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. heez will all be things the just department has to look at. he also talked particularly about his dad, saying he treats his dad like dirt even though he thinks of him as a good guy. thanks for joining us. it seems like he's found a passion of some kind in psychology, in criminology. we'd also be happy if someone gave us as a surprise more mortars. Her sisters are Mara and Laurie. supply fuel for immune cells and sustain tissue health. building with a green roof. it's complicated, right? biden didn't spend much time there. he passed away when she was nine. governor of illinois, jb pritzker. you know, why me? we believe that we will prevail. i want all of this to be done within a month. people have experiences, but not all of the time. CNN. okay. president biden's lawyer said, quote, all but one document was found in storage in biden's garage and one document was in stored materials in an adjacent room. st. jude is only possible because of the people who donate. at mint we're not into wastg money. there are multiple differences on the face of it. but it's a problem. it's shocking. and to our viewers, thanks for watching. do you think this makes it any less likely that the doj will charge trump? it is a very disturbing dream state. and, ben, you were outside soledar today. on the Internet. it is graphic, you're seeing human lives extinguished there. but if that box were checked off and then they found that other people had access to those documents, it would really rachet up the justice department's reasons to prosecute if the information is disseminated to third parties that's a key variable for them. only pay for what you need. she was helped down the stairs at the golden globe and heard asking her friend for support in this interview with billy bush. qulipta gets right to work. #CNN #News Show more Erin. No credit card required. it's hard to fully understand all the aspects here. selina wang is out front. you can do better. Is a U.S. ally a haven for terror fundraising? one says, quote, as i hug my family, i look into their faces, i see nothing, it is like i am looking at a video game "outfront" now, the reporter who broke this story. wolf, they've got to find a way to make this more airtight. >> reporter: why after everything you've heard? at fisher investments, we're clearly different. but you hear him, he lived an honest life. >> all right, thank you both very much. thank you very much. and jabra enhance select hearing aids cost thousands less than you'd expect, so hearing well is easier than ever before. kevin fraser who spoke to her there is my guest. and then it explodes. he was a heroin addict and heroin can trigger this disassociation, this depersonalization syndrome. there is also of course a special counsel appointed in each. americans only finding out about this now? briefing memos for phone calls with prime minister of poland and the former minister of the uk. they go into that building with the green top. georgia governor brian kemp also declaring a state of emergency. nice pace! so you can enjoy more ofthis. it's one of the fiercest and bloodiest battles are being waged right now and comes as russian citizenerize speaking out on camera angry and bewildered some of them by their military's performance, calling it chaos, a complete mess. qulipta blocks cgrp a protein believed to be a cause of migraines. it is ens tensive. putin's state television is doing a victory lap. in a story you'll see first outfront russians speaking out against putin's war, one calling it a terrible mess, complete chaos. and one of the problems -- >> well, he said he wasn't aware. >> how are you doing? you don't move on. but he has admitted that he's lied. >> this was an interview done by a famous russian artist. but it is a syndrome -- you never hear about it being associated with murder or anything like that. you don't put that many soldiers at risk. i think when i look at the map crimea is actually very vulnerable. that. >> and because it was incredible and spot on. "outfront" next, a deadly power struggle. Up to 5 one of the problems he has in talking about it that way remember he wrote a book and talked about russia and iran and ukraine. mckenzie: being a first time parent is hard, you know? you're keeping families together during the hardest thing they've ever faced. when it was time to sign up for a medicare plan mom couldn't decide. one mortar round off. he was highly regarded. he lied about working at citi group and goldman sachs. doj was notified. can we even afford this house? >> and he knows all of the words. the target, russian positions in, soledar. She is the youngest in her family. we get to stay here all weekend! authorities scrubbed every trace of these images from chinese social media. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. that's the key, obviously. no later. >>ads i said earlier this week -- and by the way my corvette is in a locked garage, okay, so it's not like they're sitting out in the street. having been there several type and watched her record music and watching her grow, it was not an easy path for lisa marie. cold coming on? >> thank you very much. >> thank you, erin. Ambassador to the UN. >> and willful being separate from the obstruction piece of it. this is broader than one state. gun store owners are reporting a spike in sale. first of all, it doesn't bring great comfort that joe biden thinks his documents are in great shape buzz the corvette is there and he really loves the corvette, so government secrets. you can almost feel the drag when people walk by with their phones. this seems to give some air to that balloon. you could save hundreds for safe driving. Search the history of over 778 billion when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. Burnett has been at the forefront of reporting on the coronavirus pandemic. He joins OutFront. >> what was it like watching austin on stage and in the making of the movie? we don't know why they didn't say anything contemporaneously or while the news just broke. the guy doesn't know how to tell the truth. now cell phone users have priority over us. The wedding was quite different from traditional ones, as Burnett chose a red dress for the ceremony. it took the news media a couple days, that comes out and here we are. i want to emphasize that in the storm of soledar no other units participated than wagner. >> he is. look, he is 30 years old. [ marlo thomas ] please call or go online right now and become a st. jude partner in hope. in fact one of his defenses was, oh, yes, it does. i think -- i think, you know, there's no one particular person at the top of a list, you know, who should or should not have been selected. and that's something that we see. thank you. 4,180 days to be exact. For one former NHL player, Hamlin's injury brought back memories of being hit in the chest with a puck, collapsing on the ice, and being carried out on a stretcher. we have full faith in him, and we trust our military. >> i appreciate it. she would want to be there. all right, next, president obama praising the governor of illinois for signing one of america's strictest assault weapons bans into law. >> i'm more concerned about him representing to people that of his accomplishments and really not having accomplished or achieved anything that he said he did. Get contact details including emails and phone numbers >> and is that when you're talking about, as nick was just saying sort of when he looks at the faces of his family members, he just says he feels nothing. <p>The official podcast of the HBO Original Limited Series, We Own This City. one tornado hit selma, causing significant damage according to the mayor there. to each their home. does that matter if you check box two but not box one? If you just want to mail a letter with the address above, and do not want anything back, then you can stop reading! to shriners hospitals for children. are they covered? well, i could switch us to xfinity. it just muddies the waters. it's really interesting because cnn has obtained images and a floor plan of this space. i screwed up. you've been talking to your sources at department of justice. trump ended up with a subpoena and fbi search, which of course categorically did not happen here. one man in china who sparked the anti- covid lock down is missing tonight. they can even save you hundreds a year on your wireless bill over t-mobile, at&t, and verizon. >> so have you had any conversations with those sheriffs or what are you going. >> yes, because officially the russians are -- the russian special forces are killing abroad terrorists. it's two special counsels. i don't think yesterday we'd be talking about the documents found near corvette in the garage necessarily. relief rippled through the country. i am erin burnett. so wherever you go. for that purpose, that means that the intelligence community has deemed that if it were to get out, that information could. the justice department begs to differ. Search over 700 Retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling discusses the competing dynamics within Russian forces with CNN's Erin Burnett. >> thank you both very much. brennon: that's not something that we woke up that morning planning to hear. but on this specific instance and this specific case i think the special counsel allows republicans particularly in the house to make that equivalence between the two president's actions and that has a political epicket even though it doesn't have a legal one. >> so, the big question is who had access to that office, who might've used the office, who's located proximate to the office so that all of these people do not have security clearances and all of these people do not have the authority to have access to classified materials. it looks exactly like the picture. you have to remember, since she has been small she is the focus of everyone's attention as the sole child of elvis presley. that is a bold bet you're standing by. what are we doing to get it back? and that's can you target one person on a set of facts but not target someone in a similar situation on the same set of facts? presley wrote about the addiction in opioid saying in the forward of the book. this white house, when they found that they had some documents to turn over, did so relatively immediately and have been forthcoming with information about it. now putin has demoted the man in charge of the land and replacing him with russia's top general whose close to putin and russia's defense minister, often accompanying them to military exercises and briefing putin on the war in ukraine. finally tonight, deadline. >> no, i agree. but now this whole story has entered into the equation. whoooo! proven quality sle. >> by the way, my corvette is in a locked garage, okay, so it's not like they're sitting out on the street. ukrainian tactics designed to make every step forward come at a heavy price. we had shootings at the mcdonald's in downtown chicago, the bonito juarez high school on the southwest side of chicago. she says she trusted him and says he needs to step down. what did you see and you were with her? >> a slip of the tongue wasn't the best moment. that's where a lot of visual processing occurs. on January 14, 2023, other interviews from that night. st. jude is only possible because of the people who donate. has a few social media accounts under the name of -- cnn has not independently confirmed his identity. >> governor, of course you are the governor. they're looking into each of them. like he is in a dream state. If you're not automatically redirected, please click here. and because of heroes like you. the "new york times" reporter who is breaking this story and has the messages is "outfront" next. >> the voters have elected him. The president's personal attorneys found classified files housed in a locked closet as they prepared to vacate the office. let him think for us. it starts with his resignation. the enemy does not reveal themselves because of the artillery fire. he said i've never been accused of anything. "the times" sharing screengrabs in which kohberger reportedly says he feels no emotion, little remorse. he is able to make the connection and chose that entire path of learning. >> reporter: the latest concern for his constituents, his campaign money. 1 cable news program at 7 p.m. in the younger demo that advertisers crave. that's right. i keep saying that you're the only people that can bring me out of my house. talking about one ukrainian soldier saying that they had taken -- captured one member of the wagner group. many of those who voted for him feel betrayed and want him to go. good evening. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. whoa. and that is, it's a huge weight lifted off. >> well, thank you, jim. we need to understand why he has them. would we be having this conversation on this level about biden if it weren't for trump and everything that's gone on? >> thank you very much in meniola, that distribution. McChrystal: There's shared blame for ISIS war. we know he's been accused of crimes in brazil. we want freedom, not lockdowns. talk to our switch squad at your local xfinity store today. you can see it in people who take hallucinasion. >> i thought he had the qualifications and seemed so successful and ambitious that i was fulled by him. A little over a year later, Rubulotta married the woman of his dreams at the City Hall, officiated by a Justice of the Peace. with conflicting rumors coming from the town, paulina says her family is leaving. TV Archive but it also may be the celebrity endorsers, right? you want the job. Two words: stock price. that's plenty for the criminal statute. and finally, we were able to get this passed and overcome the power of the nra in our state. there was a lot of moral outrage and also outrage that people who held classified documents that anybody would have them, no one does this. i can do things now that were impossible before. please become a st. jude partner in hope right now. and he just signed into law one of the nation's strictest assault weapon bans. weapons banned by more than 100 countries, that ukraine tonight says will change the course of this war. wow, oh my- [birds chirping]. the crew prepares for the next. >> well, it is important not only for putin but also for the generals. Chair of maricopa cty board supervisors - most of the 400K outstanding are mail-in, specifically "late early" - dropped off over the weekend and on elex day. you're saving children's lives. Nov 9, 2022. that would be up to the special counsel. and so authentic, that yeah, i can't even describe what it meant. i mean what do you think specifically it will accomplish, governor? at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan for your full financial picture. i just was afraid that i would lose my son. and there's really -- the cause is still not fully clear.
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