Looks like you were interested in a Bahai woman who introduced you to the community, but that was not her intention to date you. After some investigation of the faith, I concluded that is was logically inconsistent and falsely advertised. However, with the advent of the Internet, protection duties will also include the monitoring of email traffic for anything that seems heterodox. 3 - Belief that all religions are valid, and that the Torah and Gospel have . Filed under Uncategorized, Why I Left Bahai Faith, March 26, 2017 What are the things he took from Islam!!?? This is not love. No love Kirollos sergious: St. Antony of Egypt / Wikimedia Commons. At the young age of 15 years, he came to Yazd and attended the school of Khan Buzurg. a. Also every person who rose against Abdul Baha and the UHJ and Shoghi was removed from the Faith. Alcohol use can cause alcohol-related psychosis (delusions and hallucinations , paranoia etc), and can also increase relapse frequency and severity for those suffering from schizophrenia. Browne wrote that while he found them admirable, in his view they are inferior to the simplicity and beauty of the teachings of Christ. Although I dislike religion and what my friends did over the past year, I was never traumatised or severely upset by anything that happened and I cant say I dislike any of these friends even if I disagree with them now. Author Lil Abdo says that the Bah understanding of sexual equality is different from that of secular feminists. Hungry for their quota for souls! Abdul-Baha,Paris Talks, pp. Bahai followers often engage in love affairs with potential converts, bahaism is now days spread by sexual urges, bahaism condemns sex out of marriage, but uses sex as a means to attract new followers. [27] Cole went on to criticize the Bah Faith in three articles written from 19982002,[28][29][30] describing a prominent Bah as "inquisitor" and "bigot", and describing Bah institutions as socially isolating, dictatorial, and controlling, with financial irregularities and sexual deviance. [14] For example, the perspectives of Subh-i-Azal, Mrz Muhammad Al, and Mason Remey, the most prominent covenant-breakers of the religion, were all upheld by Miller in an attempt to show its adherents as deceived, its teachings superficial or irrelevant, and its administration "a dictatorship". His most well-known book is The Hidden Words, which is composed of short poetic statements that get to the heart of his spiritual and ethical teachings. 197. Marketing strategies [15], Islamic theology regards Muhammad as the Khatam an-Nabiyyin, the last prophet whom God has sent and Islam as the final religion for all humankind. More like a monkey has too many bananas in its hands yet keep on grasping and exposing its behinds. Unlike other religions, Bahai children are encouraged to study all the spiritual traditions, and, after the age of 15, make a thoughtful and informed choice for themselves. In retrospect, that seems strange. Alcohol can also lead to dementia, with symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer's Disease. j. Baha'is make a big deal about some aspects of human rights, like racism and sexism. His father was Allamah Haaj Shaikh Mohammad, famous as Haaj Aakhwant Tafti. You describe God as a selfish dictator that is all about it, not us. [16] Thus, authorities in the Muslim world have rejected the Bah Faith and regard Bahs as apostates if they had been Muslims before conversion. Answer (1 of 11): Lifelong Baha'i, I've been around and do not sugarcoat. In Iran, where the religion was founded, universities refuse to admit Baha'i students, Baha'i cemeteries have been destroyed and the countrys Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has confiscated properties from Baha'i families. To put you in touch with a Bahai in your area who can answer your questions, we would like to kindly ask for a few details about yourself. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. He was popularly known as Awareh which means the one who wandered about in love (of Bahaullah). When I now contemplate such things as the Bahai World Faiths National Spiritual Assembly of the USA taking the Orthodox Bahai Faith to court in an attempt to prevent Orthodox Bahais from calling themselves Bahais, from using Bahai terminology in their religion, I can clearly see that the judge in the case didnt error in ruling against the Bahai World Faith, as well that he was right on to reprimand the National Spiritual Assembly of the USA for their attempt to quash the religious rights and freedoms of others. It differs from, but may be associated with, excommunication . "The Bahai Faith was founded by Bahaullah in 19th-century Persia. The books made such an impression upon him that he was eager to meet them. k. Information control (re: covenant breaking) [For a more detailed look at this issue, see my Themestream articleBut Some are More Equal than Others.]. They even have a protection arm of the religion with people appointed to go to communities to warn them about outsiders (mainly former Bahais) who are dangerous to the religion. The life history of Awareh is full of interesting events and episodes and all of these cannot be outlined in this brief treatise. m. Treating members like theyre not able to make up their own minds These appointed officials have the responsibility for the protection and propagation of the Faith. I think the Baha'i Faith is a good religion, and that the Baha'i writings are a good collection of writings to base one's worldview on. Message and data rates may apply. b. Judgement and accusations Belief in God should be as God wants us to believe Him and not the other wway around. d. Laws the legalism of the Bahai Faith is outstanding. Rather we should constantly strive sincerely to be one with God by returning to God (and not any one particular religion). instead of deepening and developing their understanding of reality and relationship with God are likely to leave the Faith. Possibly fixed elections since admin people stay the same year after year The Earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens, Events Coordinator - Melbourne Law School, Monash Business School - Senior Academic appointment opportunities, Lecturer (Level B) / Senior Lecturer (Level C) in Social Work Field Education. 6 Comments. A primary theme of Baha'u'llahs teachings is achieving world peace through the establishment of unity, justice and equality. [26], Bahs have been accused, particularly by successive Iranian governments, of being agents or spies of Russia, Britain, the Shah, the United States, and as agents of Zionismeach claim being linked to each regime's relevant enemy and justifying anti-Bah actions. The answer is "No," but this is how strong perceptions are especially on new people we meet, and how clear we Baha'is must be about our dress, and demeanor, to portray the best human qualities we can and to not get attached to outward trappings. The Spirit of truth is infinitely greater than any one man and his ideas. In this installment, we're looking at one. I attended, we only discussed the societal potential of young people and by the end of the day some older youth I met had already signed me up to start the Ruhi Institute books despite the fact that Id never heard of them and they didnt show them to us or tell us what they were about. Kathy Roman is a retired foster youth educator, aspiring writer, wife and mother of two who lives in Elk Grove, CA where she serves as the Bahai Public Information Officer. [35], Christian Research Journal, Winter/Spring, 1989, p. 2. 23 Comments. The religion began with considerable controversy. 2 Comments. Is he God? I do not believe that religion is a man made concept. I'm just wondering because I really do think that this is an interesting faith. In 1850, the Bab was charged by Shi'i religious officials with heresy and was put to death by firing squad. by in Uncategorised category Uncategorised category Examples Yet Baha'is in Iran, who are the largest non-Muslim religious community, continue to face persecution. c. He abandoned his family in Baghdad and his son died because of no medical care (ie: neglect) Theres no reason to become a Bahai. [22] Bah scholar Udo Schaefer stated that the legitimization of the death penalty in cases of murder and arson is usually met with disapproval and suspicion in Europe. Generally speaking, Baha'ism is a fabricated faith; it includes elements from Buddhism, Brahmanism, idolatry, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and beliefs from the Baatini school of thought. There are many talented speakers and writers who could produce similar books (Joseph Smith, for example, with his Book of Mormon or Mary Baker Eddy with her Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and many other writings; the idea that only Bahaullah could do this is just ludicrous) But such Assemblies are counted in the impressive statistics given to the public. He had at least six children die in early childhood (WWJD? Do not give incorrect information please. Thats what makes us believers. She said that women were not allowed to be members of the Universal House of Justice because of their monthly periods where they might be too emotional to made good decisions. By understanding how things happen, people become more knowledgeable and this goes to show the importance of the harmony between science and religion. Thats why we simply look at your faith, kindly reject it and dont even bother mentioning it to anyone we know because there is nothing notable to report. n. Little teaching about spiritual concepts (Bahai life is mostly admin work) My intention is not to reproduce the entire blog here however from time to time, I may choose articles to highlight in The Bahai Insider. 2( Mohamad a final prophet for humanity Baha'i I was raised in a Baptist church as a child and read the Bible. There are a few things commonly told to converts that can hardly be seen as anything other than deceptions. The Bah Faith is a relatively new religion teaching the essential worth of all religions and the unity of all people . The faiths fundamental truths simply dont resonate with those who have basic critical thinking skills. I attended many Bahai programmes inside and outside Egypt. The teachings of the Bahai Faith the unity of religion, the individuals right to investigate truth, racial harmony , and the agreement of reason and religion have a wide appeal. These Spiritual Assemblies address the spiritual needs of the community. There's an instant trust. j. Cognitive dissonance Although many children of Bahais grow up to accept the Faith for themselves, the children of Bahais do not automatically do so. why baha'i faith is wrong. So,greatest injustice to one another is to crush each others Faith based on doctrine and focus on the work I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. This is utterly ridiculous, but this way the national Bahai center can count that as 2 communities or localities where Bahais reside, rather than just one. Baha'is, for example, embrace interracial marriage and education for girls. Eventually such clear evidence of the Bahai Faiths cult status mounted until I could no longer in good conscience remain a Bahai. The traveling Bahai teacher shot daggers at me when I apologized for raining on her parade. Wait dont answer that, I know why, because you afraid to be punished by God. I did attend meetings in other Bahai communities after that eye opener but the evidence that Bahai is a cult simply mounted. I saw a lot of those fanatics latched on other spiritual platforms on internet and tried to lure ppl in discussion. Are Baha'is Social Activists? A quick peek at a bestselling book on spirituality will offer more relatable material. Here is a brief about Awareh. q. Each of us has an individual relationship with God that is sacred and personalwe have reached a stage of human maturation that no longer requires the old forms of faith: This is the cycle of maturity and reformation in religion as well. For most Muslims, the prophet Muhammad was the last and final prophet. Baha'i Faith: The "Ruhi Institute" is specially meant to brainwash the newly converted. As Egypt has faced ongoing international scrutiny of its alleged mistreatment of religious minorities like Coptic Christians and those of the Baha'i faith, Hammad says it's wrong for . HIs initial contact with Bahais and the Bahai Faith Bahais were encouraged to avoid reading anything they wrote and instructed to entirely shun them. Its first leader, the Bb, was imprisoned and executed for heresy in 1850, and Bahu'llh, another central figure, was exiled from Iran and both the Ottoman and . Ottoman officials later moved Baha'u'llah to the prison city of Akka in Palestine. The Baha'i Teachings and Homosexuality Overview Human beings think differently. 2. Authors note:This article first appeared in Themestream December 8, 2000. Baha'u'llah's followers. The central tenets of Baha'i faith include the equality man and women and all races before the one true God, the creator of heaven and earth. Thereafter he wrote the book Kashful Heel to reveal the true face and hypocrisy of the Bahais. 2 - Belief in the transmigration of souls, and that reward and punishment happen to the soul only. Assistant Professor of History and Middle East Studies, Idaho State University. Then shall the religions summon people to the oneness of the world of humanity and to universal justice; then will they proclaim equality of rights and exhort men to virtue and to faith in the loving mercy of God. Mohamed was a final prophet for humanity Why do you oppose it. Indeed Baha'u'llah claimed to be the manifestation of God that the Bab had foretold and gained a large following. The Doukabor folks shared some lovely singing after which the traveling Bahai teacher gave a short lecture about the Bahai Faith. 1( jesus is god, son of god, prophet, teacher. Thank you. Therefore, if the essential and fundamental ordinances of the religions be observed, peace and unity will dawn, and all the differences of sects and denominations will disappear. This the only true cemanmends was given by krishna, moses, Jesus, Muhammad and bahaullah. Im still just getting started with this blog and will have a lot to add to this posting, but for now, Ill list a few ideas that are coming to mind as I do my research. He has endowed him with mind, or the faculty of reasoning, by the exercise of which he is to investigate and discover the truth, and that which he finds real and true he must accept. a. Just follow the goodness of the faiths . He was the Imam (leader) of two masjids (mosques) and used to handle the affair of the people. It was during this exile that he publicly announced the establishment of the Baha'i faith. However as time passed, he realized that Bahais were not correct and then reverted to Islam. Christianity also has a teaching called "original sin", which the Baha'i clearly rejects. We are not to follow Jesus, and use Jesus, for the sake of personal gain or profit, that is, we are . The itself is not dishonest, since those liberal teachings are actually present in Bahai scripture, and historically, converts into the Faith have been from among more open-minded and educated people. The Bah' Faith was founded in Iran in the mid-19th century by Mirza Hoseyn 'Ali Nuri, who is known as Bah'u'llh ("Glory of . 5 Comments. And then there was always the pressure of the Five Year Plan. I left that meeting without saying goodbye and the Faith was never the same for me after that Bahai cult experience. It took over ten years to recover from the brainwashing Id been through. For example, they have the principle of the equality of men and women but have different inheritance laws for each and dont allow women on the House of Justice (governing body) and they say they have a principle of the unity of religions but that doesnt mean that they respect people of all religions so much as it means that people of all religions can join Bahai, give up their own religion, and then be united as a Bahai community. In fact, Assemblies exist on paper that never actually meet because not enough of the people in the community are active. u. Shaming people who make mistakes I was surprised therefore after giving a fireside one evening when a male guest asked, "Do all Baha'i men have to wear beards?" Her response made me think. (There is the possibility that some do maintain their belief in isolation, but there are not likely to be many who do so.). The Bah Faith is a relatively new religion teaching the essential worth of all religions and the unity of all people. Dogmatic imitations of ancestral beliefs are passing. Abdul Husain Aayati lived amongst the Bahais for 20 years and served them through these years. Baha'is see Islam as the parent religion of their Faith, in the same way Judaism gave birth to Christianity. The vast majority of Bahai communities are too small to offer much in the way of services. Tagged with Malaysia, Teachings of Bahai Faith, Why I Left Bahai Faith. Christian and Islamic authors (e.g. Iam a proud Bah' but due to the nature of my job, I am abit stagnant but I know the truth which is the most comforting feeling you can have in our short stay in this relm, Great text. However, it is almost axiomatic among Bahais that half of the Faiths enrolled members are inactive. Christ came to set us free from legalism so why should we go back to it? In a very small community, sometimes just getting together for any activity at all can be difficult. The Bah' Faith is a new religion God has sent to unify all nations and peoples of the world and to establish a global civilization based on justice, peace and harmony. He has been teaching and pastoring for over 33 years at colleges . [19] Abdu'l-Bah said that it would become clear in the future why the restriction was in place. He was a littrateur, historian, writer, translator, journalist and a great poet. All religions are equal but only the Bah' Faith is the correct one. One thing I love about bahullahs teaching is to investigate for the truth to discover god and to know , love and serve god by serving one and other . Bah World News Service Bah' International Community, has confiscated properties from Baha'i families. We were cautioned to not reveal at first that Bahaullah was a prophet and Bahai a religion but to say that Bahaullah was a social reformer and Bahai a social movement. What a tribalist comments. Weather Jesus was god,son of god, prophet, servent, or manifested. Considering this move as an opportunity, Bahais tried to attract him and were successful in that for after some time he declared the Bahais Faith. Thats it for now, from my point of view. Bahais want to say they are the most wide-spread religion so they force members in the USA (not sure about other countries) to have a community in each and every locality even if it is only two people for example, say there are 11 people living in a city and 9 people living just outside the city limits. It doesnt help that, like the Falun Gong, theyre a CIA propaganda front for hooman rites imperialism and do terrorism for Mossad. I do appreciate my involvement as a learning experience, and I like their philosophy that all races are equal and deserving of respect. The Orthodox Bah' Faith upholds the original writings of Bah'u'llh, the Founder, and 'Abdu'l-Bah, the Exemplar and appointed interpreter of the Bah' Faith. However, in order to appreciate his book Kashful heel it is first important to understand his personality. No more tribalism but unity in god and faith, unity in nations. Abdul-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 439. I laugh now when I think back on that answer. s. No tolerance for dissenting opinions This is so obvious to those outside of the faith. He must not be an imitator or blind follower of any soul. 48-49. Despite the persecution, the Baha'i faith has attracted millions of adherents around the globe for its ability to transcend nationalism, racism and the like. Bahai Faith- BAHA'IS AND BIBLICAL PROPHECY. Tell me if that is true or false. After these years, he saw the corruptions of the Bahais first hand, renounced the Bahai Faith and finally reverted back to Islam. Either you commit to it the whole way as infallible, Divine revelation full blast, or you leave it be to mere human construct or artifice with not more authority than any of other countless human philosophies that may be well-intentioned or even pretty good, but just not super-human. The exclusion of same-sex marriage among Bahs has garnered considerable criticism in the Western world, where the Bah teachings on sexuality may appear to be unreasonable, dogmatic, and difficult to apply in Western society. That is quite interesting to learn, Matthew. The word He for Bahaullah is a mistake from my side. Baha'is have also been discriminated against in Yemen and in Egypt. A bahai reads their own book & interprets in for themselves. https://www.reddit.com/r/exbahai/comments/60619t/what_make_you_leave_the_faith/, January 11, 2015 But it also does not accept good deeds without belief. p. Tracking people by number Religion is Progressive, All having a Common Foundation 4. By clicking "Sign up", I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and consent to receive communications (email, telephone call, or text message) from Bahaiteachings.org about news, events and offers, including via automated technology and/or prerecorded calls or messages to the number and email provided above, even if my number is a mobile number or is currently listed on any state, federal or corporate Do Not Call list. Learn about the meaning behind the symbols of the Baha'i . [1][2], The criticism and challenges it has faced vary considerably in different regions of the world. On the 200th anniversary of the birth of Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i faith, the question remains: What is the reason for their persecution? But thing is to discover on our own reasoning is existing of god with what we see seeing us. This posting is a work in progress incomplete! Thanks Sissy. For now, I leave you with his general message to the Bahai Youth of Malaysia. In the traditions of almost every people there is a promise of a future when peace and harmony will be established on earth and humankind will . Beliefs, ideas and rituals of the Baha'is: 1 - Belief that Allaah is incarnated in some of His creation, and that Allaah was incarnated in al-Baab and al-Baha'. The Baha'i religion is very paranoid and fearful about their reputation because they want people to join the religion. Now you are angry and feels good to accuse. 3( buddha was the most enlightened one among all. Beware! I thought it would be helpful to give my plotted history of House Price Forums through the ages, as my account differs somewhat from geener's views. g. Works more important than grace t. Tearing families apart in the name of the Almighty Protection obsession voir une cigogne signification / why baha'i faith is wrong. It is becoming popular nowadays and has its origins from the Shi'ite Islam sect. John Ankerberg) have attacked its history and founders, institutions, teachings, and use of prophecy. Race and genders. e. Exclusion This is only one of many aspects of "information control" - a well-known sign of cult mind control, per many websites and books that expose cult methodology. The Baha'i Faith has been at the present time building its World Center on Mt. [27][31], Denis MacEoin, a scholar who was formerly a Bah, has criticized what he sees as a threat to the impartiality of the academic field of Bb and Bah studies due to the dominance of practising Bahs in the field. One independent poll on American religions estimated that there are only 28,000 people in this country who consider themselves Bahais. I grew up believing that I was one of the chosen. You capitalized, He, for Bahaullah. No wonder got kicked out by their parent religion, Iranian Islam. A decade ago, I was a member of a religion known as the Baha'i Faith.This religion teaches that God is called by various names but is still the same all over the world, that all religions teach the same basic message, and that humanity is one and is destined to unite under the banner of the Baha'i Faith in a new age of peace and . Quite controversially, the Bab claimed that his teachings were a revelation from God and predicted that a new prophetic figure, or manifestation of God, would soon appear. Posted July 2, 2016. They had shared lovely singing the Bahais has shared nothing but a shallow attempt to convert. h. Isolation You will see lots of items which Bahais tout as their own actually came from Islam. The Baha'i Faith and homosexuality. why baha'i faith is wrong. [17], From 1980 onward, several well-educated Bahs left the religion and subsequently criticized it. Building a multitude of LSAs scattered geographically all over the country has taken priority over building solid communities. a. Lovely to read your words Kathy. I remain very interested in religions but will never subscribe to one again. Why the Bahai Faith Cant Keep its Converts? Hinduism has had many prophets throughout . I do agree though that the Bahai Faith, in all its various incarnations, is a cult. If men could only learn the lesson of mutual tolerance, understanding, and brotherly love, the unity of the world would soon be an established fact. c. No gospel of salvation similar to whats found in the Bible Didnt Mohammed say there is the teaching of the past and now submit (islam) yourselves to one god. I can understand why you would say that. The word they use, and this has even been emphasized in Bahaullah's writing is "Allah". So while Bahais have no clergy at all, an elected Bahai administration does exist. f. Deceptive numbers membership statistics Baha'i Principles 1. The first is that they equate Krishna to many other prophets, as if somehow Krishna in either case is the main god or spokesperson or prophet of Hinduism as a monolithic religion. Why? January 12, 2013 Since i married in 1971 I've always cultivated a beard. How I wish that Bahais would have read their original books and not the trash dished out by the UHJ. This page will be expanded with explanations added as I continue to research the Bahai religion. The Baha'is claim that Baha'u'llah is the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies of the return of Christ. Abdul-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 99. I have no way of knowing which of the problems I mention is responsible for the greatest amount of convert dissatisfaction, I have therefore put them in the order that a convert is likely to encounter them: The Bahai Faith, in its public presentations, emphasizes the more broad and tolerant aspects of Bahaullahs teachings. Also, unfortunately, some Bahais feel it is their duty to turn in people who are not living up to Bahai standards. [21], In the Kitb-i-Aqdas, Bahu'llh prescribed the death penalty both for intentional arson and murder. I disagree with you on several counts: [20] Particularly in the United States, Bahs have attempted to reconcile the immutable conservative teachings on sexuality with the otherwise socially progressive teachings of the religion, but it continues to be a source of controversy. Looking forward to the continuation of this theme! Thank you so much! January 17, 2023 by Henry Karlson. There is not much other that Bahais can offer, they are advised not to introduce new followers to bahai literature, with exception of ruhi institute courses, which dont really have much in common with original bahai literature which is full of hatte and historical nonsense.
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